3D Modeling, Printing, Prototyping and Mobile Programming


FFX, Turning Dreams Into Products!


Service #1 - 3D Modeling, Printing & Fabrication


We work directly with our customers to ensure that their final product is a realization of what they envisioned. We can take your napkin sketch, turn it into a 3D model, then print out prototypes until you're delighted with your final product. We also have access to a wide variety of CNC tools enabling us to fabricate components from a wide selection of materials. 

Service #2 - Application Development


We've produced several popular Mobile Apps for the Apple App Store, to learn more please visit our products page. We also have programming skills in several languages enabling us to develop applications for a wide selection of platforms.   

Service #3 - Circuit Design


We can provide basic circuit design, craft test circuits and assemble one off samples for customers. Additionally, we've worked with a number of system on a chip (SoC) platforms like the Raspberry Pi 3B+, Pi Zero and Adafruit to craft one-off solutions to problems.