Mobile Apps - Currently for Sale in Apple App Store (2019)

Spellbook (D&D 5e)


THE D&D book searchable and sortable for looking up spells. Released in 2016 it has been a hot seller every month since then. 



This application uses the Pathfinder Point buy system for building a character within the bounds of Low, Standard, High or Epic Fantasy.

Mobile Apps - Developed, Marketed then Transferred (2017)

Archer's Mark


Archer's Mark was developed in 2009 as our first iPhone application ($20USD). It along with the rest of our Archery Suite was sold to Steve Pierce in August 2017. Prior to the sale AM & AS had both sold thousands of copies. 

Archer's Score


Archer's Score was a companion application for Archer's Mark that was both sold separately ($10USD), and as an In-App-Purchase ($7USD).

Archer's Excuses


Archer's Excuses was our simple attempt at humor, 99 excuses for why you missed the center for ($0.99USD). Sometime we also gave this away as a loss leader, or as a thank you for buying the other apps in the suite. 

Apple eBooks - Multi-media books that included Videos & More

Taekwondo Black Belt Manual


Working jointing with Taekwondo America we took the two existing paper manuals and DVD and crafted two rather large interactive eBooks. These books include many instructional videos and self grading quizzes. 

Taekwondo Colored Belt Manual


Much like the student manual for Black Belts, we produced a color belts book also with many quizzes and instructional videos.

Piggy's Tail by Carol Schweitzer


Carol Schweitzer requested that we take a story she had written and produce a traditional children's book, but for a whole new platform.